Safety is the top priority of food ingredient manufacturers. Many food additives help make foods safer and more enjoyable by ensuring that foods do not spoil in transport or storage, maintain desirable characteristics, and remain uniform from batch to batch.


Affordability and Convenience

Food ingredients also help some foods stay fresh longer, which allows manufacturers and retailers to offer products at more competitive prices. Nisin, which can be used in some deli meats, helps ensure freshness and safety, particularly in parts of the world where refrigeration may not be consistent. In these areas, the addition of nisin to such meat products prevents life-threatening illness, while also providing an added benefit of nutritional animal proteins.


Food ingredients contribute to helping make our food supply more sustainable. They also feed our growing population through increased food production, improved nutritional quality, enhanced packaging solutions, preservation, and distribution techniques.  Ingredients can also help to address the decreased supply of natural resources, and ensure that nutritious foods are able to be transported over long distances to regions where safe and nutritious foods may not be available.