The International Food Additives Council (IFAC) is a global association representing manufacturers and end-users of food ingredients, including food additives. Direct web links to individual IFAC members can be found by clicking the images below.

“We are members of both IFAC and IPA. Kerry sees substantial differences in the value to our company from each organization. IFAC provides superb advocacy and technical support for the breadth of food additives and ingredients used in our portfolio.”
 – Kerry
“We are sincerely grateful to the International Food Additives Council (IFAC) for taking a more active role in keeping its members updated, like giving a monthly communications update via e-mail. We also appreciate IFAC holding an annual and mid-year meeting virtually given the current situation. All of the meetings have post-event surveys so we can provide feedback and, most importantly, to keep us informed about future programming and membership development efforts. 
We really felt our value as a member of IFAC [this past year]. All these helpful resources and information helped our business navigate during these challenging times.”
– W Hydrocolloids
“As a company founded in applying science to address the biggest challenges facing our food system, we are a proud member of IFAC—the leading industry voice supporting science-based regulations and policies for food ingredients. IFAC’s strong relationship with regulatory bodies and international organizations keeps us apprised of global developments that impact our products and the food industry broadly. With IFAC’s leadership, we are able to amplify opportunities to collectively share, educate, and support food ingredient innovation, through, for example, the development of resources like the IFAC GMP Guide and food ingredient information for consumers.”
– Apeel Sciences
“For any company looking to understand the major benefits of joining IFAC, I would offer the breadth of expertise and global contacts that spans well beyond probiotics. This vast membership base not only allows more opportunity to meet and correspond with regulatory agencies globally, it supports the many ingredients utilized in probiotics manufacturing. There is clearly value in the breadth of support that IFAC can provide vs the single focus on probiotics. IFAC provides global insight into regulations that can be relevant to any ingredient manufacturing and marketing, where single-ingredient associations have limited scope and expertise.”
“IFAC offers us additional opportunities to discuss topics beyond probiotic supplements with FDA, in addition to what IPA already gives us. IFAC has very good connections to discuss topics like food additives and GRAS substances, from their history working with FDA for food additives. In addition, IFAC has partner associations that help to provide information around the world on food cultures, and they partner with associations like EFFCA, where we produced important work by adding per instance, cryoprotectants as a category to Codex. Because of the DC-based nature of the organization, coupled with the association management by Kellen, IFAC gives us good resources in DC and on Capitol Hill regarding US specific interests.”

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For membership inquiries or other questions, please contact info@foodingredientfacts.org.