Regulatory Committee

Regulatory affairs is one of the cornerstone services provided by IFAC. Focusing on the U.S. but recognizing opportunities globally, IFAC regularly engages with regulatory authorities to share science-based positions and educate on key issues of interest. IFAC regulatory activities include:

  • Monitoring global regulatory proposals impacting IFAC members, disseminating timely updates, developing and submitting IFAC positions, and conducting necessary follow up to achieve member objectives.
  • Relationship building with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other regulatory agencies of interest, to establish IFAC as a key resource on food additive issues.
  • Retaining a regulatory consultant in the European Union and a satellite office in Beijing to serve as eyes and ears of IFAC in key regions.
  • Leading and actively participating in industry coalitions aimed at advocating for the incorporation of industry positions in regulatory publications.

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